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Started: 22th Nov 2019


Roboton LTD is officially registered in Great Britain and works in legislative framework of this jurisdiction. The central office is located in London and Sydney.

Due to the private investment, a company can increase their own operating capital and promote their developments in the global market of robotics. We possess the own production capacity. We cooperate with the world leading developers of intelligent robots. Our aim is the active development of the robotics and the reduction of payback period of investment to ease the human work at home and in industry. The company produces not only industrial and domestic robots but it is in this sector that we put most of the operating capital. Introduction of robots in domestic, industrial, commercial, military spheres and etc. Company Roboton LTD is an active participant in the robotics market. It operates on almost all areas. We create this internet project for attracting investors for cosponsorship in activities of the company Roboton LTD.

Investment Plans

(1) Minimum spend 10 dollars, earn 1% each business day for 11 business days and principal back

(2) Minimum spend 50 dollars, earn 120% totally for 20 business days and principal included, namely 4% on Monday, 5% on Tuesday, 6% on Wednesday, 7% on Thursday, 8% on Friday

(3) Minimum spend 50 dollars, earn 150% totally for 30 business days and principal included, namely 3% on Monday, 4% on Tuesday, 5% on Wednesday, 6% on Thursday, 7% on Friday

Referral Commissions: up to 10%-3%-1%-1%-1%

Payment Options: PerfectMoney, Payeer, BTC, LTC, ETH, Dogecoin

My deposit: $250