Review: 1.79% each working day for 14 working days

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Started: 29th Nov 2019


Registered in 2016 in the UK, the holding company was originally a closed joint stock company, which did not have large assets and international partners, but three years of productive activity in the market allowed increasing capitalization by 800%, and now we are successfully developing more than 30 subsidiaries in different market sectors and different countries.

The cryptocurrency market is characterized by extreme volatility and a variety of financial instruments. Forex market has a record daily turnover, and buying/selling/renting real estate is the most reliable and break-even investment channel. In turn, affiliate hedge funds provide us with significant assistance in minimizing risks for a given yield. We fully use the principle of diversification, which allows us to stabilize and increase profits.

Investment Plans

(1) Deposit 15-450 dollars, 1.4% each working day for 5 working days and principal back

(2) Deposit 40-2500 dollars, 1.79% each working day for 14 working days and principal back

(3) Deposit 400-20000 dollars, 2.3% each working day for 27 working days and principal back

(4) Deposit 700-70000 dollars, 2.4% each working day for 50 working days and principal back

(5) Deposit 900-100000 dollars, get 370% after 47 working days

(6) Deposit 1500-150000 dollars, get 500% after 68 working days

Payment Options: PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum…

Withdrawal Type: Manual

Referral Commission: 4.2%-1.7%-0.7%