Review: 1.2% each calendar day for 52 days and principal back

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Started: 1st Nov 2019


Masternode is a server on a decentralized network. It is utilized to complete unique functions in ways ordinary nodes can’t. It can be used for features like direct send / instant transactions or private transactions. masternode is quite alike as each network has its own pros and cons, but with that said, every system approaches payouts in a different way.

Investment Plans

  1. Invest 1-500 dollars, earn 1.07% daily for 27 days and principal back
  2. Invest 50-1280 dollars, earn 1.2% daily for 52 days and principal back
  3. Invest 524-52400 dollars, earn 380% after 39 days
  4. Invest 2500-250000 dollars, earn 1350% after 47 days

Payment Options: Bitcoin, Litecoin, BitcoinCash, Dash and Dogecoin

Withdrawal Type: Manual

Referral Commissions: 7%-3%-2%